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Experience Like a Local

LGH Global works with various partners to find and manage various locations that ensure that your experience in any city is as close to being a local. We are your one-stop solution for affordable, convenient,  local housing options and travel assistance! 

LGH Global Corp

Delivering Unique Local Experiences

We work with various partners to curate multiple local recommendations whether it’s places to experience or dine out! Our goal is to provide all our customers with a unique experience whichever city they want to experience!

Find the best place to explore

Our team works with various local hosts and experts to curate the best places to visit, eat and explore

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Local Recommendations

Our team does all the work for you when it comes to planning a visit to a new city! We take care of all the details so you can enjoy on what’s most important to you, exploring!

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Easy to use platform

Our team of experts plan to build an easy to use and secure platform so you can book your visit without any worry!

Focused on making travel easier for you

LGH Global Corp

All-inclusive solutions

LGH Global plans to partners with various vendors and integrate with other services to provide our customers with an easy one stop solution for all things travel! Our partnerships will include


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Become an LGH member and experience travel like never before! Membership perks include

Pricing Discounts

We work with various partners to offer our members unique pricing discounts and access to exclusive locations

Reservation protections and assistance

Ensuring the best experiences for you is our top priority, which is why we offer reservation protections and assistance in case your plans change!

Yandan Zheng

President and Chairman of LGH Global Corporation

Meet our founder

Ms. Yandan Zheng was born in Guangzhou, China, in 1995. She has mainly engaged in natural language processing research. From 2014 to 2018, she received a bachelor’s degree from Beijing University of Technology in China. From 2018 to 2019, she studied computer operations control and automation at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and obtained a master’s degree. In 2019, she continued her PhD at the School of Computing, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

The gifted 26-year-old of Ms. Zheng began her swim training when she was three years old. In her nine years of training, she participated in many competitions and won various honors. Her will and perseverance is her greatest gift, and nothing can make her back down from a challenge.

Ms. Zheng speaks fluent English and Japanese. During her high school and college years, she played a pivotal role in organizing various international public welfare activities.

Ms. Zheng has excellent comprehension among other great abilities. Getting her bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctor’s degree are not the only goals of her life. The most important goal for Ms. Zheng is the quest to discover how to better integrate science and technology with human history and culture. In Feb. 2021, she founded LGH Global Corporation which will conduct a high degree of research and development around the establishment of a global chain of B & B intelligent systems.

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